African Population Conference:

Every four years, the Union for African Population Studies organizes a general conference on the African population. The aim of these conferences is to share and disseminate research evidence on population, health and development issues in Africa. The conference provide an opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing between researchers, policy makers, programme managers, international development partners, and other key stakeholders in the population field. The first African Population Conference was held in 1988 in Senegal and the second was divided into four sub-conferences held in Kenya (1990), Burkina Faso (1991), Botswana (1992) and Côte d’Ivoire (1993). The third conference took place in South Africa (1999); the fourth was in Tunisia (2003); the fifth in Tanzania (2007) and the sixth in Burkina Faso (2011).

These conferences attract participants from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise including: multi-disciplinary scholars, government officials, parliamentarians, service providers, multilateral and bilateral donors, the media and civil society.

The African Population conferences also plays a key role in forging networking and enhancing the visibility of African population, health and development issues in the global development discourse; and promoting an integrated approach to the study and application of knowledge on population dynamics in economic and social development planning in Africa.