Computational Social Science

Chair: Dr. Visseho Adjiwanou


Digital-age data (“big data”) is becoming popular and can provide information that can profoundly shape our understanding of social phenomena and improve our quantitative research approach. While the use of such data is still in its infancy in African studies, their importance cannot be neglected.


This panel on Computational Social Science (and mostly on quantitative methods) aims to:

Introduce computational social science to African social science scholars

  1. Organize workshops to:
    1. Present a review of studies using digital-age data and methods from an African perspective
    2. Offer instruction in methods for handling, manipulating and processing these data
  2. Develop a research collaborative working group for specific research within the continent using this approach.
  3. Hone the quantitative ability of young researchers within the continent.

Measurable outcomes

  1. Organize a workshop on computational social science every two years in Africa
  2. Train at least 20 African scholars on these new methods
  3. Organize various activities (scientific session, training…) during the next UAPS conference
  4. Publish one thematic study on computational social science in the African Population Journal
  5. Provide a framework for young researchers to discuss their research and presentation.