What has ‘Evidence informed decision-making (EIDM)’ to offer African population scientists and the policymaker

The emerging field of Evidence Informed Decision-Making (EIDM) in developing studies has the potential to unlock the usefulness of the work done by population scientists to influence public policy and programming in low and middle-income countries. Evidence-Based Decision-Making (EBDM) in the health field and clinical services is well-established but the expansion to social sciences and the broader development field is relatively new. There are various challenges to overcome for population scientists to effectively leverage EIDM, not least being the newness of the field in development studies, meaning that terminology, methods, and approaches are still being defined. The focus of this sub-theme is on how EIDM can support the dialogue and engagement between population scientists and policymakers. Sessions that address the following sub-themes are particularly welcome: a) Effective EIDM interventions in the population field b) Use of data for policies and programming c) Innovative financing of research and knowledge translation platforms d) Navigating politics and EIDM