UAPS Premier Award

UAPS Premier Award – Best student, MA Population Studies

On Friday, April 13 2018, the UAPS Academic award which is the first of its kind was presented to the Best Masters student of the Regional Institute for Population Studies- RIPS, University of Ghana during the schools’ Award ceremony.

The Union for African Population Studies- UAPS in partnership with the Regional Institute for Population Studies- RIPS, University of Ghana established this academic award as a means of support training the next generation of researchers in the population field.

The UAPS Council wishes to partner with and establish this award in other public universities across Africa. Sponsors would also be welcomed on-board.

On behalf of the UAPS President, the Award was presented by the UAPS Treasurer, Dr. Delali Nai to Mr. Theophilus Toprah, best student MA Population Studies (2016/2017), RIPS- University of Ghana.

The award was a sum of 1500 USD; 300 USD for 5 years. Mr. Theophilus Toprah expressed his profound gratitude to the President and the Union at large.

Photo: From Left to Right… Mrs. Arhizah Blay-Abiti(Asst. Registrar RIPS), Mr Toprah and Dr. Delali Nai

During an interview with Mr. Toprah, he described his reaction when he received the information about his nomination for the award;

One morning, I was at home when I received a phone call from the Academic Affairs Directorate asking me to come to the office because they have a letter for me. I was wondering, where from this letter? Because, I don’t know, I have not written to the Academic Affairs Directorate for them to call me. I got there the following day and I was given an envelope. Upon opening it I saw that I had been nominated for an award, I was like wow, what good news!”