Dues Payment


Dues are quoted in US dollars only, $40 and $20 for professionals and students respectively.

Payment of Dues

via UAPS

The Union for African Population Studies is pleased to inform all members that membership dues can now be paid online via Slydepay. Please click the link below which will open a separate window where you will choose to pay with Visa/Master Card, Slydepay mobile app or Mobile money (for members in Ghana). For those paying out of Ghana, please indicate the Ghana Cedis (GH₵) equivalent of the currency (US$, EUROFCFA) . Please kindly use www.oanda.com/currency/converter/ to get live currency rates

The Slydepay app can be downloaded from the Android Play Store.

*Regarding payment, the best experience is on Google Chrome



UAPS members who are IUSSP members are free to continue paying via http://www.iussp.org when renewing their IUSSP membership. Just tick the option on the IUSSP renewal page to pay the UAPS regular member rate (30 euro or 40 USD for 1 year). Payments can be made in Euros via credit card or by check in Euros or US dollars. Members can select to pay for up to 4 years of UAPS membership at a time. Please note however that UAPS dues payments can only be made in conjunction with an IUSSP dues payment.

For all questions and communications concerning UAPS membership, publications, and activities, please contact the UAPS secretariat at uaps@uaps.uepa.org. The UAPS Coordinator, Dr Nancy Akwen will respond to inquiries.