Chair: Professor Akim Mturi – Tanzania
Ms Nompumelelo Nzimande – South Africa
Dr Kamil Fuseini – Ghana

Fertility in Africa has been one of the interesting topics in African demography for several decades. Although many countries in the continent have made effort in reducing its fertility levels, to date there are still those with TFR of 7 births per woman accompanied by low levels of use of contraception. In addition, pre-teen and teen pregnancy has continued to be a challenge in many countries and that has affected the future of the girl child. Currently, there is renewed effort by international community to fast track family planning programmes, but research is still needed in many areas to show why unmet need for family planning is still very high in certain countries.

This UAPS Fertility Panel is trying to address this and many other pertinent issues affecting fertility in the continent. The panel has given priority to the following topics:

1. Persistent high fertility;
2. Teenage pregnancy;
3. Adolescent sexual and reproductive health;
4. Men’s sexual health and fertility;
5. Contraceptive use; and
6. Fertility intentions.

The Panel has plans to have the following activities:
1. Periodic meetings of the Panel
2. Training workshops (particularly during large conferences)
3. Seminars to discuss research findings of selected topics
4. Host special issues of academic journals
5. Encourage / support researchers to conduct fertility research
The Panel is planning to raise funds that will support its activities. This will involve writing competitive research proposals to local as well as international funders.

The Panel is still looking for two more members, one from central and the other from northern Africa, preferably females.  Interested candidates should forward their CVs to akimmturi@gmail.com