Family Planning – Reaching the Last Mile

Low use of family planning (FP) services is a major factor underlying the high fertility rates and poor maternal, child, infant and newborn health outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). In the last decade, FP programs have made substantial progress in many regions of SSA, yet high fertility and low contraceptive prevalence persist. Known barriers to uptake of FP include culture and religion, low access to services, low quality of services, and regular stock-outs. In this sub-theme, the focus is on deeper understanding of how FP programs can reach those who are left behind.

Sessions should focus on:

a) Who, and where are the under-served?
b) Interventions to improve FP access among the underserved, internally displaced and most at-risk populations (MARPs)
c) Quality of services and client satisfaction
d) Innovative financing of family planning programs.

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