Maximising Benefits from Urbanisation

By 2035, Africa will pass the 50 per cent urban tipping point and for the continent to develop, it needs smart policies and programmes that bring transformation, reduce inequality, and improve the health and wellbeing of urban dwellers. In this sub-theme, we are interested in evidence that can help policymakers, government and development partners and other stakeholders to maximise the benefits and opportunities arising from urbanisation, while minimising the challenges and negative externalities in order to accelerate the continent’s transformation.
Sessions will focus on the following:
a) Urban health/wellbeing: Evidence for effectively managing the process of urbanisation to prevent diseases and improve health outcomes in urban areas. We are particularly interested in how the urban slum context affects health outcomes and recommendations to stimulate policy and action for improving the wellbeing of the urban poor in the continent.
b) Urban planning and policies: Evidence on policies and frameworks that can leverage/harness urbanisation for increased development gains while mitigating its negative externalities.
c) Linkages between urban, peri-urban and rural areas: Evidence on how rural-urban linkages operate across the continent and their effect on livelihoods in both urban and rural settings.

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