Donate to the UAPS Fund

The UAPS Council set up the fund in 2011 in order to help support the union’s activities. Currently, the Union’s major source of funding is membership dues and conference fees which cover only a fraction of UAPS expenditures. While the Union periodically receives grants from public and private agencies, these grants tend to be limited to specific activities. Thus income generated from donations will further contribute to the Union’s operational costs and also strengthen our capacity to:

  • Design interdisciplinary initiatives with researchers from other social sciences and related areas.
  • Sponsor early career scholars for UAPS conferences and maximize members’ participation in networking activities with other population associations and organizations;

The Council will also make decisions on funding of specific activities proposed by members of the Union through the Fund.

We thus invite our individual, institutional members and interested persons to make donations to the UAPS fund. Donations can be made online or via wire transfer. UAPS members can also contribute to the fund, through the Country Focal Points, Regional Representatives or the Secretariat.


Step One
Please fill the Pledge form and send to

Step Two
Click here to donate online

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For wire transfer please use Bank details on Pledge form

The UAPS Council acknowledges the following persons who have contributed to the UAPS Fund.

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The different categories of the UAPS Fund donors are as follows:


Value of Donation





5 – 99

4 – 75

2,500 – 49,500


100 – 199

76 – 151

50,000 – 99,500


200 – 499

152 – 379

100,000 – 249,500


500 – 1,499

380 – 1,139

250,000 – 749,500


1,500 – 2,999

1,140 – 2,279

750,000 – 1,499,500


3,000 or more

2,280 or more

1,500,000 or more