Mobility patterns in Africa are expected to have significant social and economic development impacts for the continent over the next few decades. The policy space continues to focus on rural- to-urban migration, its push factors (including lack of access to training and lack of livelihood opportunities) and pull factors (such as prospects of employment, better healthcare, and the lure of urban lifestyles). There has also been a rising interest in international migration with waves of young people from Africa trying to make their way to Europe and mobility in response to natural disasters, wars or civil unrest. However, much more needs to be done to understand mobility patterns within and beyond the continent. Often neglected also is the significant mobility within rural areas including circular migration.
Contributions under this sub-theme should include:
a) Current and future distribution of Africa’s population
b) Documented and undocumented labour migration within and beyond the continent
c) Policy responses to internal and international migration
d) Migration data—availability and quality; innovative ways of data collection or estimation
Sessions should also address related gendered aspects.

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