Prospects for the Current and Next Generation of Africa’s Children and Youth

High fertility in Africa has resulted in millions of children and youth on the continent. How the continent responds to this resource will shape the economy and quality of life of the continent for generations to come. The 2018 World Bank’s assessment of Africa’s investment in its human capital paints a poor picture and the Bank urgently calls on African governments to invest in the health and education of children and youth. In this sub-theme, the focus is on children (6 years and older) and youth. African children and youth are not living in a vacuum. They are connected to the global world, with fast-changing technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI). This necessitates rapid, fast-forward adaptation of the continent’s education systems and technical colleges to equip children and youth with skills for interacting with technology and skills of the future.
Sessions are invited which should examine the prospects of the current generation and future generations of African youth and propose policy options. We are also interested in examples of how education systems are adapting to technological advancement, and investments in broader welfare of children (e.g. school health). Sessions may address the following topics:
a) “Smart” and scalable interventions for improving education outcomes for girls and boys
b) Innovative education systems in an era of rapidly changing technology
c) Children’s and adolescents’ welfare including school health programmes
d) Interventions for youth economic empowerment including innovation incubators.

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