Stewardship of Africa’s natural resources

The African continent is endowed with rich natural resources and unparalleled beauty. But these resources are finite and will be depleted quickly as population grows rapidly. African countries must intensity efforts to preserve the continent’s natural resources and ensure that they contribute to global efforts to safeguard the earth’s beauty and natural resources. Although African countries emit less carbons than other countries of the world, their forests are being depleted fast, and the continent is likely to become a major emitter as it urbanises and industrialises. The Brookings publication, “Foresight Africa”, predicts that Africa will be disproportionately affected by climate change through water shortages, food insecurity, extreme weather events, and rising sea levels. For this sub-theme, we are looking for sessions that focus on the links between population, environment, and climate change, paying attentions to gender dimensions.
Specifically, sessions should address:
a) Stewardship of natural resources
b) Population, environment, climate change and the SDGs (including food security and sustainable agriculture)
c) Gender dimensions of vulnerability to climate change as well as gender dimension of natural resources